Dispute Resolution Services


At Arthur Mediation Services, we create a collaborative-facilitative environment where everyone involved is encouraged to:

  • Participate
  • Take ownership
  • Share responsibility
  • Listen to others’ point of view
  • Seek creative solutions
  • Build sustainable agreements

Our services are specialized to help prevent, resolve disputes and/or educate others in conflict resolution by utilizing mediation, facilitation and training.

Whether you are an individual, corporation, non-profit, small businesses, a government agency or university… we can mediate your conflict, facilitate conversations and/or assist you in crafting a plan that will benefit your unique needs! We are here to help you navigate which service(s) may be right for you, but in the end... the Power in the Decision Lies With You!


What is a Mediator?

A mediator is a trained impartial person who assists disputing parties in reaching acceptable agreement(s) or settlement(s) which are devised solely by the parties. A mediator is in control of the process of mediation but the parties involved are in control of the outcome. The agreements can be binding or non-binding depending on the situation. A mediator can be hired by the court (court-ordered mediation) or any individual can choose to hire a mediator outside of the court (private mediation).

Arthur Mediation specializes in mediating disputes involving:

What is a Facilitator?

A facilitator is focused on the subject matter and the process in order to lead groups of all sizes to stay on task, move together in the same direction and move toward constructive solutions. Unlike mediation, a facilitator may offer suggestions or solutions, when requested/deemed necessary by the group, in order to help them come to agreements.

Arthur Mediation is skilled at, but not limited to, facilitating the following meetings/forums:

  • City/Town Hall
  • Corporate/Small Business
  • Education (ISD, University)
  • Non-Profit/Government

What is a Trainer?

A trainer focuses solely on the subject matter and is one who can educate participants on topics that are unfamiliar or unknown so that they can become known… it’s a learning experience. Unlike facilitation where the facilitator is focused on the subject matter and the process in order to take participants from the known to the unknown.

Arthur Mediation can provide...

  • One to two hour workshops
  • Half-day or full day trainings (*Lunch is included for full-day sessions*)
  • Customized training to meet your specific needs

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