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The LaWana Moore Endowed Scholarship

At the age of 14, I became a Ward of the State. The Judge granted my request to live at Buckner Children’s Home. At the time, Buckner did not have a room for me, so the Judge sent me to live in a shelter until a bed became available. It was in this shelter that I first met LaWana Moore. It was a Saturday and she invited all of us shelter kids to go to church with her the next day. I was the only one who raised my hand in willingness to go. LaWana smiled and said she would pick me up early so we could get McDonald’s… it was at this point, all the other shelter kids hollered that they wanted to go to church too! The next day our weekly routine of McDonald’s and church began.

As I transitioned to living at Buckner, LaWana did not desert me as so many other grown ups had… our special routine continued… despite the fact that I now lived 30 minutes away As our relationship grew, I came to realize that I was not the only youth she helped and influenced.

LaWana was a huge advocate and role model, not only for me but other “Buckner kids.” LaWana did not judge as to why we were there or what we had done in our past… she simply coached us how to get through the tough times and encouraged us to make better decisions.

LaWana taught us many things… but most importantly… she taught us to love God, love others and serve our community.

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