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Real estate transactions involve a significant amount of money and is considered one of the largest financial investments a person will encounter. With such a large investment, there is added baggage of stress and anxiety; therefore, when issue(s) arise it can make the joy of home purchasing wrought with emotional strain and tension.

How parties are allowed to resolve disputes are outlined in the contract (arbitration, mediation, small claims court). AMS encourages parties to first utilize mediation as this is often times written into the contract before any litigation can be pursued. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the cases mediated to date by AMS have resolved; therefore, the need to continue with court was not warranted which saved parties hundreds of dollars in legal expenses… not to mention saving the added emotional stress and anxiety that comes with court hearing(s).

The Result: A “win-win” situation for all parties involved.


"Tracy’s mediation services were exceptional! Arthur Mediation provided us an effective cost considerate alternative to resolve a significant home purchase, non-disclosure issue. Tracy worked hard to facilitate a resolution.”
Jim and Dana (Private Clients)


Types of Cases

The types of cases we mediate specifically in regard to the buying and selling of a home fall under the following categories:

Contractual Disputes:

Real estate purchase contract disputes typically arise after the contract has been signed by both parties, but before the entire transaction has been completed.
  • Purchase Agreement (price, closing date, Title/Deed, condition of the property)
  • Commission (verbal/non-verbal agreements)
  • Earnest Money
  • Construction Related Issues
  • Non-Disclosure Statement
  • Closing Costs (loan fraud, good faith estimates, misrepresentation of terms)
  • Failing to Complete Contingencies (financing, inspection, buyer selling another property by a certain date)

Buyer/Seller Disputes:

  • Closing Date Discrepancy
  • Communication Between Parties
  • Failure to Disclose
  • Purchase Contract Issues
  • Real Estate Agent Not Acting in Your Best Interest
  • Disputes Between Owners Where More Than One Party Has Property Possession

Some Results You Can Achieve Utilizing Mediation in any Real Estate Dispute:

  • Avoid COSTLY legal & court fees
  • Maintain a peaceable living environment
  • Avoid possible negative public record/public image
  • Improve communication, relationships and expectations between parties
  • The ability to preserve relationships within the community in which you live that will make for a more peaceful living environment.
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