Arthur Mediation Services was asked to assist in resolving bullying incidents that occurred on school grounds. The mediation involved youth from several different ethnic backgrounds, their parents, educational staff and interpreters. In mediation, the youth devised a plan to stop future bullying incidents from happening in the classroom, hallways and during sports. The youth shook hands at the end of the mediation as a cultural sign of forgiveness. The sincerity of their apologies and hard work to come to resolve the bullying saved them from being expelled or placed on juvenile probation.

Assisted adult siblings to resolve their issues of caregiving responsibilities and financial contributions of their aging parent. Their plan of action required each sibling to shuttle the elder parent to doctor appointments and rotate living arrangements so that the scheduling of much needed vacations could occur. The elder parent was happy because she was able to make medical appointments and spend quality time with each of her children.

Parents in a small claims case were court-ordered to mediation to resolve an auto accident involving their teenage children. Initially, the parents were very oppositional as they were neighbors as this case had not been resolved for a year. Within 90 minutes of beginning the mediation session both parties came together, created an agreement and apologized to one another.

Professional tenants had been renting commercial property for their company for over a year and renewal of the lease was approaching. Sewage, water leaks, water damage to office equipment had been a constant issue along with the fact that signage from a previous renter had not been removed... these issues were of great concern to all parties involved. Two hours and four caucuses later, the tenant, property owner and property management company resolved these issues without an attorney.

Arthur Mediation facilitated a meeting for the Human Resource department of one of the largest Independent School Districts in the state of Texas. A system of best practices for recruitment of teachers, the on-boarding process and employee retention strategies were developed which led to an increase in teacher retention thus saving the school district hundreds of thousands of dollars…. not to mention preserving relationships.

City Hall hired Arthur Mediation Services to moderate discussions during an Educational Public Form revolving around the Marijuana industry. The importance of the meeting was for the city to be informed about marijuana and the potential impact, or lack thereof, on the community. A panel of six speakers addressed the pros and cons of inducting a dispensary into the community. Ms. Arthur was professional, ensured all questions by attendees were addressed, balanced conversations between the panel and the floor while keeping the meeting on schedule.

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